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Matt French
Energy Dowsing and Healing
After spending most of his life at sea as a hydrographer and master mariner, he realised that he had the ability to dowse (as do most people). After undergoing a series of dowsing courses, he found himself being called into the healing of sick buildings. He has now done many, if not hundreds, very successfully and in the process he has transformed people’s lives. He has also found that he has the gift of healing people too. In this talk, he will describe the process of tapping into one’s intuition using the modality of dowsing and learn how to live a healthy life.
At the end, he will happily give anyone some healing if they need it.
Toni Shepherd
Coach and Hypnotherapist
Making space for brilliance and a happy outlook.

I’ll cover 5 tips to understanding your motivations, clearing your mind and taking positive action.

Toni is a qualified coach and hypnotherapist with over 30 years experience of building and working with teams in commercial roles. I now work with individuals, teams and businesses sharing my knowledge and my eternally happy approach to life.
Bob Love
YouTube Advocate & Vegan Clothing Owner
London Dad, YouTube advocate and Vegan clothing owner Bob Love has been speaking around the UK and Europe for the past 2 years at schools and festivals, where he has been educating people about veganism and positively promoting vegan advocacy/activism respectively. He also uses his time to create educational, informative and inspirational videos via his YouTube channel - Family Freedom, which includes family vlogs, street interviews, speeches, spoken word poetry, lifestyle videos, food, vegan tips and more.
Holly Huntley
Pukka Herbs
Ayurveda- the magic of living wisely.

Ayurveda offers insights into which foods, herbs, and lifestyle activities will enhance the quality of your life, and which ones won’t; leaving you empowered to make choices that will protect your physical health, your mental balance, and your spiritual wellbeing. At the heart of Ayurveda’s philosophy is a profound respect for nature. We’ll look at how Pukka Herbs sources fair and organically grown herbs around the world with a strong focus on connecting people, plants and planet.
Christo Brennan
CUSTOM and Vegan Build
'My company CUSTOM is a team of designers and builders specialising in eco and environmental projects. We often work on location in the Alps, London or the south of France and as a matter of course we work, rest and play together and more importantly in the context of this talk we eat together. So I got to thinking, could changing to a vegan lifestyle have the same positive effects on a company as it has had on an individual (me) ? ... The results have been incredible.' Christo Brennan